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We Were Born for Such a Time as This

As we collectively go through this Coronavirus pandemic, I've been talking with friends, acquaintances, and family members to find out what's on their minds about this experience. Several have been asking questions along the lines of:

How am I going to get through this?

Will I be able to come back from the setbacks?

How will I protect myself and my loved ones?

How can I blunt the blow from this experience?

Regardless of the action one takes to answer these questions, we need to base them on one unalterable truth: we all have a power within us that is more potent than the circumstances we face. That power is the Spirit that dwells within each of us. It is that part of us that can never be hurt, harmed, or endangered in any way. It is eternal, and existed before we took this incarnation, and will continue after we shuffle off this mortal coil.

As we embrace and live from our true nature, we realize we were born for such a time as the world is going through right now. That’s because we’re loaded and coded with infinite potential. We made a pact to show up on the planet at this particular time. That pact was to rise, shine, and demonstrate the power within us. When the old paradigms, or ways of being, would begin to break down, our souls knew what we would face. Or to be more accurate, what would be facing us. What adversity faces when it shows up in our life is a presence, a love, and a creative force. Our role is to tap into that power. When we do, we lift our vibratory frequency to rise above the challenges that show up in our lives, including the crisis we are now facing.

To tap into that higher frequency, we need to watch the thoughts we are holding during this coronavirus pandemic. Being aware of our thoughts is one of the benefits of having a mindful meditation practice. It helps us realize that though we will always have thoughts, those thoughts don’t have to “have” us. Moreover, with such awareness, we can determine which thoughts to focus on so that they empower rather than disempower us.

During this pandemic, it is easy to be bombarded by the news. While it is essential to be informed, if we are saturated with too much reporting, we can get caught up in an undertow of fear. It is essential to ration our intake of news. One thing to do is limit our news intake by looking at it early in the day to get any new updates, and then look at the reports later in the day for any additional useful information. In between those two times, we should look at our minds and the thoughts we are thinking and ask, "Am I in alignment with spiritual truth?" Spiritual truth means that we are thinking and saying to ourselves, "My life is the life of God. There is no separation between God and me. My true nature is spiritual, and nothing can change that.” Let us maintain this consciousness throughout our day.

If at the end of the day, we've watched more news than we've watched our mind, we're headed for trouble because we've gone down the rabbit hole of doubt, worry, and fear. During this time, let us keep going back to principles of truth so that we activate the power within us, and manifest our highest possibilities.

Peace and Blessings,


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