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What Are You Accepting Into Your Life?

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

When I first came across those words, my immediate reaction was, "That's bogus!" To be honest, I used a more explicit two-syllable “b” word commonly referred to as “BS.” You see I've had some disastrous things happen in my life. Terrible things that I did not invite to happen. But upon further reflection, and after more research, I got a better understanding of what those words really mean.

No doubt, events happen in life that none of us like and can't explain. But if we engage in self-examination to become more self-aware, we begin to realize we have been inviting happenings in our lives that we claim we do not want. As I looked at the pattern of undesired events in my life, I noticed that I was fretting about the very thing I did not want.

That fretting was an unconscious energetic invitation for what I consciously did not want to take place. On an unconscious level, I was saying with my feelings, if not with my words, "Come on in" to all that I feared or did not want. In the biblical story of Job in the Hebrew Bible, where Job encountered one disaster after another, there is a famous line in which he says, "That which I fear I bring upon me."

By giving our attention to what we fear or do not want, we send out invitations on a vibrational level for those things to enter into our lives. What we say “Yes” to does not automatically mean that it will happen; instead, it increases our vulnerability for it to happen. Recognizing that we may be inviting things into our lives that we claim we do not want, we need to be more mindful of where we direct our attention. When we say “Yes” to what is not wanted, even if done unconsciously or non-verbally, we have accepted or sent out an invitation for that exact thing to happen. This phenomenon is known as the "law of acceptance."

We want to be conscious of what we are accepting or inadvertently inviting into our lives. For example, when we see or read a news item, there are negative reports and positive reports. Which are you inviting into your consciousness? Right now, there is a lot of news surrounding COVID-19. It is tempting to respond by saying, "This is terrible…this is bad…this is devastating!" If we stay in that energetic field, we invite more of what is terrible, bad, and devastating into our lives and into our world.

I am not saying that we should deny the facts of the situation, put our heads in the sand, or naively claim that with our positive thoughts COVID-19 is going to “POOF!” and magically disappear. That would be foolhardy. What we can do is reframe how we see it and send out another invitation by proclaiming, "Coronavirus is a solidarity moment to help us come together as a country and a world." When we say "YES!" to that kind of energy, we invite everything that supports it into our current reality.

Each day, we want to be aware of what we are saying “Yes” to in our lives. One way to know is by being more aware of how you are feeling. Your feelings are the best indicators of what you are consciously and/or unconsciously saying “Yes” to. The more positive your inner thoughts or energy, the happier, connected, and uplifted you will feel. The more negative your thoughts or energy, the more fear, separation, and powerlessness you will experience. What we say “Yes” to becomes an invitation for things to come into our lives and into our world. So, I do agree that nothing comes into our lives uninvited. But, if we change our thoughts, we will change our world.

Peace and Blessings,


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