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What Do You Mean the Universe Does Not Respect People?!

A Truth Student, new to the New Thought/Ancient Teachings, was confused. He came to me, hoping I could clear up his confusion. The student said he observed people who knew nothing about spirituality and did not believe in God or a Higher Power, yet they seemed to live a blessed life. They appeared to be happy and walked around with a smile on their faces. The student of these teachings then said, "I believe in this presence we call God, I pray every day, and I do all the right things. Yet I'm going through holy hell in my life. Something's wrong with this picture.”

After talking with the young man for a while, he revealed that he had been programmed from a young age to believe that God is a reluctant benefactor that must be convinced to help us out in our times of need. He learned to either plead with or do something to please God. Whenever we have such beliefs, we create all sorts of ways to try to influence God. It is also likely that we've bought into the idea that we can displease God or upset God's day based on something we said or did. So we may have learned to be careful and hesitantly approach God. And if we do wrong, we're punished by the wrath of God; but if we're right, are rewarded - maybe. In the meantime, we may look out and see these nonspiritual, God-denying people seemingly get all the blessings. That can be baffling.

But here's the deal. As strange as it sounds, God is always saying yes to us. It's odd because I'm sure we've all made unfulfilled requests. The answer to this dilemma is in the statement, "For there is no partiality with God" (Romans 2:11, New King James Version). The Universe is not concerned with who you are, your background, race, or anything like that. God only respects consciousness. When we have the right consciousness, there is nothing we cannot receive. The Universe hears and reacts to consciousness. As a result, those folks who have no idea what spirituality is, speak to the Universe the only way that it understands – a developed and receptive consciousness the Universe has no choice but to fill.

You can go to a great river to get water with either a thimble or a giant tin tub. It doesn't matter how fervently one prays, that person will either get a thimble full of water or a tin tub full. The good news is this. A denial from the Universe is simply a calling from Spirit that lets us know where we need to grow in consciousness. If you want to know ways, means, and methods to grow in consciousness, I invite you to be part of Spiritual Life Center's Faith in Action Program. The Sunday talks for the seven-week series start this week.

Let's answer that call and develop the one thing the Universe pays attention to - our consciousness. An expanded consciousness is what we need in our world today.

Peace and Blessings,



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