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What You Seek Is Already Done

As we emerge from the 14+ month pandemic experience, I have noticed several people are re-thinking what is essential in their life. As a result, they are discerning what they want their future to be. Maybe I notice this because I am doing the same for myself. I’m looking at the different areas of my life and asking, “What is God's idea for me, and what is the ideal vision for my life?”

Our visions and goals don't remain static; they change and hopefully evolve. When a phenomenon such as Covid-19 disrupts life, it can motivate us to re-think our priorities. Those priorities become more evident as we recognize the Universe has a vision for our life beyond history, beyond precedent, and beyond whatever has happened on the planet. It is just waiting for us to be the vessels to shine and express that vision.

We may think that the splendor of vision is only available to a select group. However, we all can step into the unique idea Spirit has in store for us. It does not have to be some vast outer accomplishment. Often a vision can focus on the simple things in life. As you go through your day, think about an area of your life in which you would like to express more of who you are and what [s your heart's desire. Is it greater peace of mind? Would you like to move from hurt to joy? Would you like to be free from worry and fear?

When you fulfill those seemingly meaningful but straightforward visions in your life, it not only makes a difference for you, it makes a positive impression on those who cross your path. It ignites something in them, so they want to be, do, and express more of who they have come here to be.

When we hear the phrase that it is “God's good pleasure to give you the kingdom,” we know that the so-called Kingdom of God is not some far-off place. It is here and now. We fully experience that kingdom - which is simply ever-expanding goodness - when we, first and foremost, envision it.

A vision is something so evident in our mind that we see it in our imagination and feel it in our hearts. It serves as a road map for a successful life. A spiritual vision can pull us forward in ways that confound our human understanding. Our job is not to make the vision happen but to make it welcome by embodying it, taking the steps toward it, and knowing that the great God of this magnificent Universe will provide what we need along the way.

Early in the morning or late at night, when everything is still, lowly listen. It is in those moments the vision that is just for you will reveal itself. As Mahatma Gandhi noted, "The voice of God speaks momently to every man, woman, and child on the planet. But few listen.” Listen. Be captured by a vision. Know in the mind of God it already has been accomplished. Feel and act as if you already have the things your heart longs for and a loving God wants for you to have. Then watch the magic happen.

Peace and Blessings,



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