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Why Doesn’t God Solve Our Problems?

One of my daily rituals is to write "Morning Pages." They are three pages of longhand stream-of-consciousness writing that I do first thing in the morning. They are about anything and everything that pops up in my mind. Thankfully, since there are times the process is like coming face to face with my shadow side and taking it out for a walk, they are only meant for me and no one else.

Occasionally, thoughts surface in the process that I reflect on after I have written them. Even though I've thought about it before, one thought took on special meaning for me. That thought is this - all spiritual growth is not about adding anything to us; it's about releasing the false notions about life that we have accepted as accurate.

We want to release the seeming burdens and problems we may be concerned about. We want to let go of what we consciously or unconsciously want God to fix in our lives or conditions we want God to change. We want to release those things for our soul to shine with the light of God that comes from having an intimate at-one-ment with pure Spirit.

While writing those morning pages, it came to me to release the thought that God can fix problems or help us with our conditions in any way (stay with me here). Because as we're releasing them, we're beginning to discover that God knows nothing about our situations. If God knew anything about our condition, that condition would last forever. However, God only knows itself in us as its image, likeness, and life. That life is one of health, wholeness, peace, love, joy, and growth.

So, we don't approach God to solve problems even though someone may have taught us to believe that. God is not a problem solver, but in the consciousness of God, our troubles dissolve. All there is in the mind of God are answers, solutions, and divine perfect patterns emanating from the center of the universe. And guess what? The center of the universe is right where you are. As the French writer Voltaire noted, "God is a circle whose center is everywhere, and circumference is nowhere."

All of us are at the center of the universe right now. At the center of the universe, there is a call for us to become more ourselves, to release life energy, and to uncover dimensions of our being that have never been hurt, harmed, or endangered in any way. As we uncover them, we release them.

The conditions and problems we individually and collectively experience have come about because of ignorance, misguided notions of life, and embracing false ideas. However, those conditions begin to dissolve and return to the nothingness from which we have come, never to exist again because we have changed.

Peace and Blessings,


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