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Clear Your Clutter, Change Your Life

An Online Zoom Workshop with  

Karen Drucker

Saturday, July 31, 2021

10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pacific Time

*** Free Boxes Available for Sorting Your Clutter ***

Hello SLC Family & Friends!


It's me, Karen Drucker. Ok, play a game with me - close your eyes and visualize what is in your purse or wallet…now scan your basement, garage or attic, open up your clothes closet, just scan your whole house.  Just look around with no judgement.  Now scan your mind - and see if there are places you are holding on to resentments, grudges, or people you can’t forgive. Scan your body - what judgements are you holding onto about how you look, feel etc.

As Oprah has quoted “Your house should rise up to meet you when you walk in the door. It should be a place of peace, sanctuary, rest and rejuvenation.” In this virtual workshop, I will guide you on a process with songs, discussion, laughter and small group sharing about where you might be stuck with clutter in your physical, mental and spiritual space. We use the techniques to release what is stuck, then have breakouts to actually clear physical clutter!



I believe in creating community and connection at my events and have experienced this even with online events. We do that in a way that is heart-opening and fun by utilizing lots of singing (no - you don’t have to be a good singer, or know any of my songs!), group exercises and discussions (we may break into small groups in “Zoom Breakout Rooms”), and lots of shared wisdom and laughter. 


This workshop is for you if you want to:


* Be uplifted by music that inspires and heals.

* Gain clarity on the next step in your life.

* Use tools provided to release mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks

* Spend some quality time on YOU

* Start the day with “morning bliss.”

* Be supported with clearing your clutter and changing your life!


No matter if you have been to one of my workshops before - each one is different based on who shows up and what is happening with ourselves and in the world. I am so glad you made the commitment to "Clear Your Clutter, Change Your Life."


I will touch base again by email the end of July to remind you about the Zoom workshop, suggestions to make the most of our time together, and to provide you with the private Zoom link.  


Meanwhile, stay happy and healthy!


- Karen Drucker


Workshop Cost:   $45 per person


Available Discounts When Registering:

Use Promo Code BLESSED for a $10 Discount

Use Promo Code LOVED for $20 Discount

Use Promo Code LIGHT for $30 Discount





If you are able, consider making an additional love offering to offset discounts that may be needed by our SLC family and friends.


*Free moving boxes for your clutter can be picked up at SLC. If you would like to pick up boxes or have any questions, email elaine@slcworld.org or call SLC office at (916) 448-6508.