"Why would I want to be a Trustee?"

Maybe you're asking "Why would I want to be a Trustee?" Well, only you can answer that! Maybe you're ready for a new way to serve at SLC, have specific skills to contribute, or have previous board experience that would benefit our spiritual community. For whatever reason you may be called to serve, here are some Board of Trustees expectations and requirements that may help you in your discernment process.

Should you have any questions after reviewing information on this web page, please email them to board@slcworld.org. You are also invited to come to any Virtual Courtyard Chat via Zoom from 10:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. every Sunday after the SLC Sunday Experience premieres at 9:00 a.m. There is a Trustee at every Virtual Courtyard to answer any questions you may have. Click here for Virtual Courtyard Zoom information.

The Board of Trustees is also sponsoring an Info-Session via Zoom entitled "So You Think You Want To Be A Trustee?" presented by Carolyn Cochran, on Sunday, March 7 from Noon to 1:30 p.m. Click here for more details.


Trustees will adhere to the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Board of Trustees Job Description, Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Code of Ethics. (Click on the text below to view or download pdfs of documents.) Trustee candidates will complete the Board of Trustees application and submit other requested documents by the March 26th deadline. Applications must be submitted online but a sample pdf application is provided below. 

Membership Requirement: Trustees must be Governing Members and must renew governing membership each year re-committing to the 3 Yesses annually while serving on the Board. 

Time Commitment: Approximately 16-20+ hours per month, depending on appointed duties or trustee volunteer commitments.

Term of Office: 3 years for each term for up to 2 consecutive terms. 

Role Visibility: Being comfortable with your name and picture on the website, chairing committees, doing live announcements during services, and being spiritually conscious when engaging SLC members whether in virtual or physical courtyard, during services, or any and all SLC events and activities.

Personal Commitment: Must support SLC's transition from a Minister-Centric Ministry to a Mission-Centric Ministry committed to being a self-sustaining spiritual cooperative.  



Mission-Centric Terminology and Definitions


Minister-Centric Ministry: A Minister-Centric Ministry is a church that uses a tithing funding model and is structured as a family system where the minister is the primary caregiver, the Board’s role is as protector, and the congregation is the flock.

Mission-Centric Ministry: A Mission-Centric Ministry is structured as a spiritual cooperative based on ownership of the spiritual community’s mission and individual spiritual development. In this model, the minister’s role is as a spiritual director and coach, the Board is a partner, and the community of governing members are owners.


Spiritual Cooperative: A spiritual cooperative is a spiritual organization where members experience ownership of the mission as well as their own spiritual development, and is based on a funding model where members commit to contributing a consistent fair share rather than the traditional funding model of tithing.


Whether you give the calculated fair share, or you give less or more, we ask that our SLC members simply Give What You Can and do so regularly. That way we will know what we can count on financially from our member-owners to be able to manage and fund our monthly operating expenses.

Spiritual Life Center's Mission:  We Transform Lives as We Love, Serve, and Remember.




Applications Due Noon on Friday, March 26, 2021

If you have any questions, email board@slcworld.org.

STEP ONE: Click on button below to complete the SLC Board of Trustees Application.  


After completing the online application, please also submit the following application documents by emailing them to board@slcworld.org. (FYI - Gmail users may choose to submit the following application documents using google docs if preferred when completing online application.)

  1. Your Bio (as pdf document)

  2. One (1) Reference: Please provide a written reference or the contact info of an SLC attendee (not a relative) who recommends you as a Trustee (as pdf document)

  3. Professional Picture (as a jpeg or png digital file) 

  4. Resume (optional - as pdf document if submitting)

Please complete online application and submit requested application documents by Noon on Friday, March 26th. If you have any questions about the application process, please email board@slcworld.org.


For your convenience, SLC's Board of Trustees have provided answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about being a Trustee. Click on the button below to view or download the FAQs.

If after reviewing the FAQs you still have unanswered questions, please attend a Sunday Virtual Courtyard to meet with current Trustees, attend our March 7th “So You Think You Want To Be A Trustee?” Info-Session, or email questions to board@slcworld.org

With deep gratitude, thank you for your interest in SLC’s Board of Trustees!

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