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Application Process

Are You Being Called to Serve?

BOT Requirements

Are you being called to serve on SLC's Board of Trustees? Click to watch the video above for a personal testimony from former Board of Trustee George Piper. If you have been a Governing Member of Spiritual Life Center for at least one year, we invite you to go within and ask:


  • "Would serving on SLC's Board be for my and SLC's highest good?"

  • "Has my life been transformed by being a member of SLC?"

  • "Am I ready for a deeper commitment to my own spiritual growth?"

  • "Am I willing to learn more and to commit to being a high conscious Board member?"

  • "Am I willing to give of my time and talents to learn more about and support SLC's integral ministry practice and mission to Transform Lives as we Love, Serve, and Remember?"

If you are curious or feel even the smallest of inclination that you are being called to serve on the SLC Board, below are details to help you in your discernment process.


Trustees will adhere to the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Board of Trustees Job Description, Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Code of Ethics. (Click on the text below to view or download pdfs of documents.) 


The deadline for Trustee candidates to complete the Board of Trustees application and submit other requested documents is Sunday, April 7th. Hard copy application packets are available on Sundays in the courtyard or available by calling SLC at (916) 448-6508.

Membership Requirement: Trustees must be Governing Members for at least one year at time of nomination to the Board and must renew governing membership each year re-committing to the 3 Yesses annually while serving on the Board. (Click Here for 3 Yesses Details.)

Time Commitment: Approximately 16-20+ hours per month, depending on appointed duties or trustee volunteer commitments.

Term of Office: 3 years for each term for up to 2 consecutive terms. 

Role Visibility: Being comfortable with your name and picture on the website, chairing committees, doing live announcements during services, and being spiritually conscious when engaging SLC members whether in person or online, during services, or any and all SLC events and activities.

Personal Commitment: Must support SLC's transition from a Minister-Centric Ministry to a Mission-Centric Ministry committed to being a self-sustaining spiritual cooperative.



Application Deadline Extended to Sunday, April 7th, 2024

STEP ONE: If you have unanswered questions about applying for the Board of Trustees, please consider attending the 2024 Board of Trustees Recruitment Information Session on Sunday, March 17th from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in person at SLC and also via Zoom. CLICK HERE for more details.

STEP TWO: Complete the SLC Board of Trustees Application. Either return hard copy in sealed envelope addressed to Spiritual Life Center Board of Trustee Nominating Committee or email scanned copy of completed application to


Along with your application please also submit:

  1. Your Bio

  2. One (1) Reference: Please provide a written reference or the contact info of an SLC attendee (not a relative) who recommends you as a Trustee

  3. Photograph (headshot in .png or .jpeg file format if possible) 

  4. Resume (optional)


If you have any questions after reviewing information on this web page, please email or call SLC at (916) 448-6508 to leave a message so we can connect you with a member of the Board of Trustees Recruitment Committee.

SLC's 2024 Board Recruitment Committee Members

Committee Chair: Claudia Norton

Senior Minister/Standing Board Trustee and Committee Member: Rev. James Trapp

Current Board Trustee: Rev. Penny Clement

January 2023 Elected Governing Members: Reinhold Brooks & Louise Vidaurri

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