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Ministry Practice

Our fifth year with
Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons!

February 2019 Video Update

from Dr. Gary Simmons

April 2019 Video Update

from Dr. Gary Simmons

GenoGram Activity Recap:
Spiritual Life Center's Community Q Card

Together we identified the limiting beliefs and unresolved issues we have been taking on as a result of challenging past circumstances and envisioned a brighter future by creating an understanding of what our story reveals as we begin our transition from a minister- to mission-centric ministry practice. See the video below for a recap of our GenoGram Activity.

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The Inconvenient Truth about Minister-centric Ministries

4-part Series by Gary Simmons

Part 1 (20 min.): 
Part 3 (22 min.): 
Part 2 (29.55 min.): 
Part 4 (28.22 min.): 
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