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A Prayer for Las Vegas

Divine Spirit,

Our hearts are broken as we come to grips with the catastrophe that took place in Las Vegas. The human mind cannot fathom the level of human darkness that may have led up to this or the depth of anguish of those who have lost loved ones. May those who have unexpectedly died find peace in the next dimension. We affirm that those who mourn for their loved ones feel the soothing balm of the Holy Comforter and that our words and actions be guided by the power, the presence and the love of pure Spirit. We are open to be guided to do our part to co-create a world where such events no longer take place.

And so it is.

I had prepared something else to share with you today, but the tragic event that took place in Las Vegas this past Sunday, in which over 50 people were killed and more than 500 injured, changed that. On one hand, this heart-wrenching experience compels us to do something — anything — to stop this from happening to fellow members of our human family again. On the other hand, since we’ve been on down this road before, there is a sense of paralysis as to what to do or whether it will work.

No doubt, the debate will be revived on how to prevent this kind of tragedy from occurring. Some will say more gun control is needed. Others will push for stricter background checks for gun purchasers. Many will claim the culture of violence is the culprit: violent speech, violent games or the gratuitous violence we view on our screens. These are all worthy topics to consider once again.

Yet regardless of what outer action we take, it is always beneficial to start with prayer and to look inside ourselves.

Although only one man, as far as we know, gunned down the concertgoers in Vegas, we know spiritually that what shows up in the material world is a reflection of what takes place in our group soul. As a result, it is important that we look within and ask what is going on within ourselves toward others.

Do we carry compassion or harshness? Understanding or impatience? Forgiveness or condemnation?

Each of moment of our day, consciously or unconsciously, we are answering those questions. If we act with cruelty, have a sense of superiority, or participate in revengeful thoughts or actions, we contribute to the destructive energy in the atmosphere. One of our jobs is to go within and ferret out such energy, since what is in us is also in the world. How we choose to show up in the world matters.

Once we are being and expressing the better angels of our nature, our prayers have power. We have the right foundation from which to launch our outer actions.

If you are guided to write a letter to your congressional representatives asking for stricter background-check legislation, do it. If you are led to advocate for more resources to address mental illness, go for it. If you want to push for laws that only allow automatic weapons to be used by members of the armed forces, know it is your right to hold such a position. You can even support the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

The key is to come from a consciousness that reflects the world you want to live in. Even a heart-rending experience such as what took place in Las Vegas is an opportunity for each of us to be the change we want to see.

Peace and Blessings,


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