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There Is No God like That!

This past Sunday, people across the nation took time to celebrate and honor Father’s Day. For many it affirmed the importance of the bonds of family. At the same time, children were being torn from their parents in what the government and its representatives claimed as necessary action to carry out a “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

There is plenty of controversy over whether it is appropriate to take innocent children away from their parents. Accusations and blame are rampant and heated discussions ensue regarding what the solution should be. When viewed from a spiritual, moral and human rights lens, it seems like there is an obvious and simple decision to make.

However, during this controversy more than one person representing the United States government has quoted the Bible to justify separating children from their parents. These scripture readers claim the recent government action was authorized by God. Historically, similar interpretations of the Bible were made to justify slavery, the subjugation of women and the killing of entire groups of people. But there is no God like that! One of the challenges of interpreting the Bible or any holy book is that by taking scriptural words out of context, one can rationalize nearly anything.

Such approaches to religion end up fostering extreme divisiveness. These actions lead to prejudices of, “my God idea is right and yours is wrong,” and that, if one does not believe a certain way, they will end up in a place of pain and suffering forever. Some extreme adherents to their religion even choose to die (or kill) rather than consider other possibilities.

When this occurs, and when representatives of our government use the Bible to defend carrying out a morally questionable act in the name of the law, we must retain the awareness that God is Love and that we are to live from this loving presence. Now, more than ever, we long to rediscover our true selves and to accept our divine birthright to demonstrate our spiritual potential. As we go through one of the most adventurous and significant paradigm shifts in contemporary history, we continue to search for spiritual answers to the dilemmas of our day.

The only solution to the human challenges that we face, the crises that are taking place and the polarizing forces that we are experiencing, lies in releasing the creative potential of our being and remembering that God is Love. As we liberate our consciousness, we will begin to see the world that Love sees when we are at our highest and best. This is who we truly are.

Peace and Blessings,


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