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Dismiss the Critics: Master Self-Belief on Your Journey

A person who decided to begin a new venture and move in the direction of their dreams asked me a question.

This individual wanted to know how to avoid being discouraged by others' opinions who believed they shouldn't move forward with their plan. In other words, they wanted to know how to stop being distracted by detractors and other people’s assessments.

I let the person know I could relate. Over the years, I've discovered from personal experience and observation that there are times when one begins to live one's purpose and break free from the crowd to express one's true self, detractors will often appear.

They will say, "No one has ever done this before." Or "You better stick with what you know." Such responses may trigger memories from the past where the person recalls times people criticized their efforts, and that memory shows up to inhibit what they do today.

It's easy for people to be critics and it's easy to be discouraged by people who aren't doing much in their own lives. However, we must ask ourselves, "Do I want other people's beliefs and opinions to distract me from what my heart tells me I should do?" The answer, of course, should be a resounding NO!

Jesus addressed one of his followers, "What is that to thee, follow thou me?" When he said this, he was suggesting that this person should follow his way of being and not be pulled by the world's lower thoughts and vibrations.

The key to not allowing ourselves to be distracted by discouragement is to have something that is more powerful than the energy of other people's opinions and outside critics. Something that pulls you forward and upward even when current sentiments suggest there is no way we can do it.

There was a time in Colorado when a police officer arrived at a single-car accident where the car sank in the mud and ended up on top of a baby. The officer lifted the vehicle and pulled the girl to safety.

Another time, in Maryland, a helicopter used for a TV show scene crashed and pinned the pilot under shallow water. The pilot's friend (nicknamed Tiny) ran over and lifted the one-ton helicopter long enough for the pilot to pull himself to safety.

Examples like these are legion.

Yet, if you only looked at the circumstances and perceptions about what should be possible, it would have been easy for the people in these situations to be discouraged by them. But they were not distracted because the pull of their intention was more potent than anything else. When anyone might have said, "You can't do this," they would not and could not be moved from doing it anyway.

So, as you move in the direction of your heart's desires and go where others have never gone before, ask yourself: "What would anchor my belief in what I am about to do so that discouragers and detractors cannot move me no matter how well-meaning they may be?"

When you can answer that question, your attention will stay on your dreams, visions, and goals. You will embody the essence of that statement, "What is that to thee? Follow thou me." You will follow what is essential so that the thought forms of the detractors will not pull you.

Peace and Blessings,


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