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How to Be a Solution-Oriented Spiritual Thinker

Metaphysics, the study of that which transcends the physical, is not about changing the world. This spiritual philosophy focuses on the art and science of being. Instead of being concerned with what's happening in the world, the attention is on our thought about the world.

It's not that students of spiritual metaphysics are indifferent to what is going on in the world. Metaphysicians know that change does not start by trying to make things right but by first seeing rightly. In other words, it's not about trying to force a change, or alter another person's behavior, or make the world different. It's about, as Ralph Waldo Emerson notes, "seeing things from the highest point of view." This view is another way of thinking because it sees beyond current circumstances to solutions.

Most of us are reactionary thinkers - something happens, and we react. Sometimes the reaction is worry, doubt, fear, or anxiety. Other times the reaction is joy or inspiration. Since many believe circumstances cause the thoughts we end up thinking, these responses seem normal. As a result, we believe our reactions are inevitable.

Stuff happens in life - good and not so good. But once it does, it's history and an outside incident. We have the power to determine our responses to whatever has happened. To be solution-oriented thinkers, we must distinguish between thinking that deals with mere information and thinking that is on the plane of inspiration. The former deals with things as they are; the latter focuses on how we are.

When we address experiences on the information level, upon hearing or reading about bad news, our reaction might be something like, "OMG! That was horrible! Our world is falling apart right before our eyes!" And there is no seeing from that higher point of view. But a solution-oriented thinker, rather than being reactionary, chooses the kind of thoughts they want to think. Such thinkers envision what they want to see in life and our world. Their consciousness is toward solutions rather than staying on the level of the problem.

If we stay in reactionary thinking and affirm how bad things are in our lives, our politics, or our world, it only reinforces the very energy behind the experiences we claim we do not want. It won't stop until we step back and declare, "Stop this train! It's time to get off!"

The way we get off the train and stop the momentum of negative energy is to think and to say, "I see the facts and how things are right now. But within me is a power to see the facts in an empowering and positive way. I can lift my seeing to a higher point of view and infuse the energy field with an uplifting consciousness. I can be and am part of the solution."

If we are to have lasting solutions to the challenges in our lives and our society, we must collectively think from a place of inspiration and not resignation. We don't pretend the challenges we face don't exist. That would be denial in the most unhelpful way. We are in this world but don't need to be snagged by the undertow of a low vibration consciousness that is in it. We can center ourselves in the consciousness of the Spirit of the Living God, which only knows divine spiritual solutions. Only then will the changes we want so see take place in our society and our world.

Peace and Blessings,



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