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How to Live Life to the Fullest (Hint: Dance - Sing - Celebrate)

Several years ago in the hallway of a building where I was working, I noticed several plants were sitting behind a wall right next to a large window. When I first saw the plants, it was early in the morning and the sun had not yet begun to shine through the window. Later that afternoon, I walked by the plants and noticed them all leaning away from and around the wall toward the window. They were seeking to catch the sun's rays. Of course, the plants were merely using the light energy from the sun to convert water and other materials into food to grow and flourish.

Similarly, there is something within us that is also seeking to emerge. That something may be a song that needs to be sung, a dance that needs to be danced, a business that wants to be developed, or the rhythm and rhyme of a poem that must be expressed. That urging may come in many forms. But the bottom line is the glorious nature of God is always seeking to express itself through every one of us. Because life is not about staying in place or tarrying with yesterday, there is an urgency for this emergence to take place when we fully incarnate at this moment.

A young man approached me and asked about reincarnation. He was interested in who he was in his last lifetime and what he would be in his next lifetime. I responded by saying what is essential is that he fully incarnate in this lifetime. Some people still need to live and occupy the space they are in now to the fullest. We must not hold anything back to fill that need and to incarnate fully.

Sometimes, we observe people who have accessed this way of living in the world. We call such people artists because they have become receptive to the glorious love and beauty of the universe, and have allowed it to flow through them. We might be inclined to believe that such people have creative personalities. However, there is no such thing as a creative personality. There is only creative intelligence that individuals have accessed, and as they access it, they become what we call creative artists.

Yet, we are here to go further than that. We want our entire being to reveal the glorious nature of God and not just let it be limited to a particular area of our life. Letting God be known and revealed is why we are here. As one of my colleagues says, "Life is Alive - Live It!”

Early this morning, my mantra wasn't "Life is Alive - Live It". It was more like, "Life is a Bed - Sleep in It". But ultimately, something said, "Wake up and become part of what is seeking to emerge in and as you."

So, we want to remember that no matter what we may be going through or growing through, life is everywhere and calling us to awake. Dance. Sing. Celebrate. And fully express who we have come here to be.

Peace and Blessings,


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