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Let’s Avoid Spiritual Malpractice

There is tremendous change taking place on our planet. You can sense it when you spiritually attune your eyes and ears to what has been going on lately. Most apparent is the ongoing global pandemic and the impact it has had, and continues to have, on daily living. But that’s not all.

We're witnessing the effects of the climate crisis with the extreme weather patterns worldwide. There is divisiveness resulting from acts of xenophobia and political power grabs, under the guise of promoting voter integrity. We are experiencing increased racial tension and debates at local school boards on whether to teach historical facts or not. Startlingly, some folks are clueless that no one teaches Critical Race Theory in public schools; it's a complex legal concept primarily taught in law and graduate schools. Plus laws, some passed others proposed, reflect sexism and are anti-LGBTQI.

These are hot topics. So much so, New Thought Spirituality historically has avoided directly addressing them. Some observers have accused New Thought adherents of performing "Spiritual By-Passes." The reason given is we express platitudes such as "everything is in Divine Order," or do not address issues because we claim we will provide them with more power. Still, others suggest we believe the only thing we need to do is "see it rightly," and everything will correct itself.

There is probably some truth to the claims mentioned above. However, authentic New Thought Spirituality never denies the facts of a situation. Instead, its position is that the facts are not the ultimate Truth and do not have the final word. Moreover, before healing can occur, we must acknowledge "what is" and confront what is before us. As the saying goes, "You gotta face it, to erase it."

I mention these arguably controversial topics because they are discussion topics within New Thought Movement circles. Moreover, I've been mulling over these issues as we navigate through this epic historical phase. Plus, I intend to write my next book on a topic related to this time of transition our planet is going through, and the spiritual implications of this shift.

Those who identify with the awakening to the Spirit within recognize a magnificent birth is happening. And whenever there is a new birth of any kind, what precedes it is disruption, constriction, and disturbing appearances. I believe we are up for the challenge.

The New Thought teachings are in the process of maturing. It is the teaching of the 21st Century. It has taken a couple of centuries to reach this point. Early on, it was primarily about individual healing or healing relationships or merely getting what the ego wanted, and visualizing to make things happen. There is nothing wrong with that; it is part of the maturation process.

But as we examine the challenges of our day, it is becoming evident these teachings are maturing in time to meet the crises and challenges we are facing. To resolve these challenges will require a group of people to seek answers not based on fear, but on a willingness to transform society through a different way of being on the planet. The Universe is calling us to be co-creative agents with the Spirit of the Living God to usher in new possibilities. We are here to answer that call.

So, periodically I will be sharing my thoughts on some of the topics touched on in this blog. Stay tuned.

Peace and Blessings,



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