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The Israel/Palestine Conflict – An Invitation for Prayer

My son, like many others, has taken a keen interest in the Palestine / Israel conflict. The devastating loss of life has deeply affected him. He recognizes what we are witnessing is just the beginning of the hardships for everyone in that region of our world.

Some people have extreme views on the conflict regardless of what side they are on. Others don’t know how to respond and feel helpless. But there is something we all can do other than feel helpless or take one side or the other. We can bring our awareness to a third or spiritual side through prayer.

Whenever we see headlines for events such as what is taking place in Gaza, it is an invitation letting us know what to pray for: for those who have lost loved ones, for those entangled in the conflict who are in pain, for the men, women, children, and elders thrown into this carnage who have lived with this struggle for many decades.

While we may not know how to come up with a solution to the situation that has been a long history in Gaza, we can pray and have compassion for all parts of ourselves and all the people. Toward that end, I invite you to join in and embody these words:

Divine Spirit,

We surrender to your presence.

We send comfort and healing to those with broken hearts.

We stay grounded and centered in Spirit.

Each day and every moment of the day, we are infused with your love.

Our actions create a better, more peaceful, harmonious world and align with your Divine Energy.

Our minds and hearts always come from a place of purity and truth.

We remember the truth of our being that we are all offsprings of love.

Behind the illusions of fear and separation, we see, affirm, and live from the realization we are divine expressions of perfect love.

We co-create a safe and more beautiful world as we see this truth.

We remember we are all born as original blessings.

We are instruments of the Divine.

We are healed.

We are whole.

We are blessed.

We remove anything that blocks or hinders this truth.

And so it is

Peace and Blessings,


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