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The Power of Agreement

Lisa was in her mid-thirties and, while successful as a therapist, she dreamed of being a medical doctor. However, Lisa also believed that dream had passed her by and accepted others’ opinions that she was too old to go to medical school and had too many obstacles to overcome, including raising a young son as a single parent, to bring her dream into reality. As a result, she gave up on pursuing her dream and accepted that she was destined to be a therapist, as it still afforded her a way to help people.

Nevertheless, her dream of being a doctor would not leave her. Lisa went to see a local counselor and shared her dream with him. The counselor, who was not very enlightened and definitely not a ponderer of possibilities, looked at her, her age and her circumstances and said, “I think you’re fantasizing. Let’s pray for you to get clarity in your life.” That was not what Lisa wanted to hear. She left that counselor and ended up seeing a Unity Minister.

The Unity Minister said to her, “If this is a God-inspired dream, then regardless of your circumstances, your history, the challenges you face or how crazy other people think you are, your dream can happen.” So they forged an agreement and affirmed that she was on this planet for something special and this yearning that was burning in her soul meant there was something that was seeking to express itself through and as her life.

Soon after forging that agreement, Lisa was accepted into one of the state medical schools! It wasn’t easy, though, and before every single test, whether it was anatomy, biochemistry, neuroscience or whatever else she had to take, Lisa would call the Unity Minister. He had no idea what she was talking about, but he would listen and pray and later said he felt he went through medical school with her. In any event, they had an agreement.

One day, Lisa was particularly beside herself. She was short on money. She was juggling a heavy course load while raising her son. She was facing health challenges likely due to the stress of dealing with everything that was going on in her life. She called the Unity Minister and desperately said to him, “I’m at my wits’ end. Can I come to see you?” The minister suggested that they could just talk on the phone and she did not have to drive the two hours it would take to get to where he lived. But Lisa insisted that she come to speak with him in person. The minister eventually relented and agreed to see her face to face.

After a couple of hours, Lisa arrived at the minister’s home and knocked on the door. He invited her in and as soon as she looked in his eyes, she suddenly said, “Oh, I don’t need to be here. I just forgot.” She realized she had temporarily forgotten she had forged an agreement with the minster that she had a purpose and goal to become a doctor. The moment she saw his face, all the months of forging that inward agreement came into her heart and activated once again. She went back to the medical school, finished her education and is a medical doctor today.

Such is the power of enlisting the help of others in supporting your dreams and visions. They will help you believe in your vision when you cannot seem to do it on your own. Their belief in you can be enough to rekindle and fortify the belief you forgot you had in yourself.

When two or more gather in the same consciousness, it creates a potent field that neutralizes the negativity and impossibility-thinking that can sometimes take temporary hold of us. So remember the power of agreement and seek to find like-minded and supportive souls that you can enlist to support you in fulfilling the dreams and visions of your life.

Peace and Blessings,


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