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To Predict the Future, Invent It

How can you create what you want in 2020? Some people seem to know early in life who they have come here to create. For example, the late great Michael Jackson knew at an early age he wanted to be a world-renowned entertainer. He embodied his vision very early in his life and identified role models he wanted to emulate: James Brown, Sammy Davis, Jr., Gene Kelly, and the West Side Story Dancers to name a few. When he was very young and unknown to the larger world, he was riding in a car with his brothers when they passed by the 100,000+ seat Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. He said in all seriousness that one day he would perform to a sold-out Coliseum audience. Not only did he eventually perform there, but he entertained in sold-out venues around the world. He was a big-time creator.

Not everyone will be a Michael Jackson nor should they necessarily want to be. We all have something within us that is uniquely ours to do. But how do you know what you should create? How do you know what is uniquely yours to do?

The starting point - Capture Your Unique Vision

The first step is to capture the right and perfect idea for your life. There are an unlimited number of things we can do in life, but within that vast field of possibilities there is something that is specifically for you to do. It starts by asking the right questions. There is an answer that is waiting to be revealed, but you must begin by coming up with the questions that will direct your attention to the vision that is uniquely yours. The first question is simply this: “What is the universe’s or God’s idea for my life?” You must contemplate that question, reflect on it, mull it around in your consciousness, and you will get an answer.

The key is to not limit yourself in any way. If a seemingly outlandish idea pops into your awareness, don’t dismiss it. You can always scale it back later. But in the beginning, push yourself beyond what you are comfortable with or what you think is possible.

Create a 10 Star Life

One way to do this is to create a vision for your life (or even just next year) as if you were to rate it on Yelp or some other similar review site. If you were going to rate a restaurant or a company’s service, you would rate it on a five-star scale in which one star would be lousy service and five stars would be outstanding service. You want to do the same for your envisioned life - except for one thing. You want to create a life that rates a ten or eleven on a five-star scale. This idea of using such a rating system comes from the company Airbnb. They asked the question, “If they were to build something that was such a mind-blowing experience that everyone would want to shout it out to the world, what would it be?” That’s the kind of vision for your life you want to create.

Using the Airbnb example, if you had a one-star experience, you’d knock on the door and no one is there to answer. No one shows up and you are so pissed off you ask for your money back. Perhaps a three-star experience is when you knock on the door and it takes 15 minutes before anyone shows up. Maybe a five-star experience is when you knock on the door and someone answers immediately and lets you in and everything pretty much meets your expectations, but nothing is earth-shattering.

But we don’t stop there, let’s skip ahead and ask, “What would a ten-star experience be on a five-star scale?” Perhaps it’s what a world-renowned pop star like Beyoncé would experience if she landed in a country that she had never been to before. Her fans are beside themselves because she is going to perform there. A ten-star Airbnb experience would be, when you get off the plane, 3,000 people are cheering your name, with a caravan of cars welcoming you to the country. When you arrive at the house there is a press conference for you. And if that weren’t enough, when someone knocks on the door for you, Beyoncé or your favorite artist or actor opens up the door and says, “Welcome to my home.” You are beside yourself! That’s probably an 11 on a five-point scale!

Ask Yourself Empowering Questions

This is the type of exercise you want to go through when you are seeking to create the highest and best vision for your life. You start by bringing this question to your time of silent meditation: “What is the universe’s highest and best expression for my life?” Once you get a picture of what that is, maybe it’s a 6 or a 7 on a scale of ten. Stretch your imagination until you reach the 10 or 11 level. It may seem out of reach based on where you are right now, but if you can imagine it, and anyone else has done it, then you can do it to.

So that’s the first step. Create the vision. You must clearly see it in your mind first. That’s because everything ever created has been created twice; first in the mind, then on the material plane.

Paint a detailed Picture of your Vision

It is also important to see the picture in as much detail as you can fathom. The universe responds to your detailed picture. If you come up with a fuzzy picture, you’ll end up with fuzzy results. To top it off, you can take the advice of the great songstress Diana Ross. To create her future, the former lead member of the Supremes said, “Instead of looking at the past. I put myself ahead twenty years and look at what I need to do now in order to get there.” Wise advice from someone who predicted their future by creating it; words we can use to create a great 2020 and years beyond.

Peace, Blessings, and Happy New Year,


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