You Don't Have to Figure it Out

As a result of COVID-19, many people altered their schedules because of the pandemic. Several folks found they had extra time on their hands and decided to use that time to learn a new skill or pick up hobbies they stopped doing. With the uncertainty surrounding how classes at my son’s college would be facilitated - in person, online, or hybrid - he decided not to enroll for the fall semester. He decided to look for work and spend his time doing his passion for writing and recording hip-hop music. We decided to convert a spare room into a home recording studio to support him in this musical endeavor.

When we decided to build the studio, I learned everything I could about making a home studio. I reviewed YouTube videos, read articles about room acoustics, learned the nuances of how sound travels, the role of absorption and diffusion material to minimize the effects of sound reflection, and other topics of which I previously had little or no knowledge. Ultimately, I learned just enough about acoustic engineering to be dangerous. I can’t say I’m an expert in the field, but it did end up being a fun learning experience for me.

Once the room had been completed and passable for a home recording studio, we decided to put some posters on the wall to serve as inspiration for Jaelan’s endeavors. One of the pictures ended up being of the musical artist Prince. That poster triggered the remembrance of a story, and brought forth the message of this blog. Before his untimely death, Michael Jackson - known as the King of Pop - had a friendly rivalry with Prince. Michael had been working nonstop without taking any breaks. One of his advisors implored him to take it easy and take a respite from his work. Michael responded to his advisor and said, "God channels this through me at night. I can’t sleep because I’m so super-charged.” To which his advisor replied, "Can’t God take a vacation?” Without missing a beat, Michael said, “You don't understand–if I'm not there to receive these ideas, God might give them to Prince!”

Of course, both of these icons knew creative ideas are equally accessible to everyone at all times, and the Universe does not play favorites. No doubt, both of these creative beings knew how to intuitively connect with what I call the "ideasphere" to support their purpose of entertaining and uplifting people worldwide. This intuitive power is not limited to a chosen few. We can all tap into the all-knowing presence of God. This is one of the benefits of engaging in a meditation practice in whatever form that may be.

Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb and thousands of other inventions, had a habit that involved keeping a rocking chair in his office. He used the chair to nap. While napping, he would hold a rock in his hand and beneath this hand was a metal pail. When Edison dozed off, the stone would drop out of his hand into the bucket, and the clanging sound would wake him back up. During this half-sleep state, Edison said he got some of his best ideas. He used his naps to tap into the wisdom of his intuition and tap into God's mind.

We can all move into this intuitive vibration. In this vibration, we don’t have to try to figure anything out. Instead, we open our faculty of intuition to download the thoughts of the Universe. Most of us learned to figure things out with our mind as if our mind is separate from the all-knowing mind of the Spirit of the Living God. In Truth, there is only one mind, and that mind is also our mind. We are merely an individualized expression of the only mind there is. We don’t always have to waste our time trying to figure something out. We only need to be available to what God has already figured out by listening and embodying what already exists in the Universe's mind.

Peace and Blessings,


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