Join us for the Over the Rainbow Livestream Hawaiian Social, formerly known as the Over the Rainbow Spring Fling! There’ll be in home Zoom-A-Longs, music by Love Eternal streamed from the SLC Sanctuary, an online auction, and a raffle! 

Image by Alexander Mils



Now is your chance to win $1,000!

Odds of you winning are currently 1 in 150.


Raffle tickets are available in these increments:

1 ticket for $20

3 tickets for $50

7 tickets for $100


You do not need to attend the virtual event to participate in the raffle, so please share this information with family and friends.


Purchase raffle tickets by calling (916) 448-6508, and if you have any questions feel free to email us.



Click the above link to be taken to our Silent Auction website.

Join our Zoom-a-long!

You have an opportunity to be seen during our program!

While the livestream is available to watch on YouTube, (details below), you can hop on our Zoom Video room so you can wave and dance during this fun party!

Details on how to join will be sent to ticket-holders before hand, but in the meantime download the Zoom program and get your tickets today!

Please note that we are not encouraging watch parties. We ask that you only participate with those who already reside in your home.

How to Watch

Step 1:

Get your tickets!

Without the purchase of a ticket, you won't receive access to our super-secret YouTube link. Buy yours today for only $30!

Step 2:

Check your email!

On July 10, the day of Over the Rainbow, we'll send ticket-holders an email with the super-secret YouTube link. This email will be sent at 6 p.m.

Step 3:

Open the YouTube link!

If you plan to watch Over the Rainbow on your computer or your smart device, accessing the livestream is as easy as clicking the link in your email.

If you plan to watch from your Smart TV, or a device that does not have a web browser, you'll need to open the YouTube video from your computer or smart device first, and then go to your YouTube history on the SmartTV or streaming device. Make sure you're signed into your YouTube account when you open the link so it will save the video to your history.

Step 4:

Enjoy & Join the Virtual Party!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Even better, join the chat in YouTube and join the Zoom-A-Long party!

All details will be included in the email we send the day of the event.

If you have questions, please feel free to email Marketing.

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