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Turn the Other Cheek... Really?

“Awakening is the wondrous process of listening to the call of the soul amidst the noise of life, turning inward and opening up to… life.”

- Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization

Yesterday I attended the Awakening Tour sponsored by the Brahma Kumaris, a worldwide spiritual movement dedicated to personal transformation and world renewal. The keynote presenter, Sister Shivani, spoke on unlocking our inner freedom by transforming our lives, which in turn creates a better world for everyone.

Shivani stated that the conflict we experience today is a byproduct of either reflecting the negative energy that comes our way or simply absorbing it. She reminded us that we are in total control of how we respond when another person sends us energy of hate, anger or of a low vibration. The other person is responsible for their actions and it is how we choose to respond that may transform not only the relationship but the world, as well.

While many people have interpreted Jesus the Christ’s statement, “turn the other cheek,” to mean that if a person were slapped on one cheek they should bare the other cheek to be slapped again, he actually intended to shed light on the need to transform our consciousness and the energy around us, just like Sister Shivani. With this metaphor Jesus reminds us that if an unpleasant form of energy comes our way, we are to give a positive form of energy in return. By making our response one of love, compassion and understanding, we are intentionally deciding who we really are. We stand in spiritual strength and turn the other cheek by responding with positive energy to any animosity, resentment and unforgiveness that come our way. As we do, we align with the all-powerful qualities of Spirit and contribute to the transformation of the very planet on which we live.

Ultimately, what we see around us is nothing more than the energy of humanity’s collective consciousness. As more people radiate peace, love and all that is good and perfect, those qualities cannot help but become the picture of our world. This is who we are and what we have come here to be.

Peace and Blessings,


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